Jared Doyle

Stylist and Hair Painting Specialist

Jared moved to Big Sky, Montana in March of 2018.  Holding cosmetology licenses in 3 different states, (Florida, Michigan and Montana), he has had vast experience in servicing guests' needs from all walks of life. "My favorite part of being a hairstylist is being able to connect with a variety of people and through that connection I get to change their energy -their day -their week. Having a positive impact." Jared really thrives on giving his guests naturally inspired, sunkissed, low maintenance color that looks just as good 3 weeks after as it does the day you leave the salon. That's not to say he doesn't enjoy a lavender or steel blue moment as well. With color being his niche- he feels that the cut is really what compliments a gorgeous balayage. He says, "You have to frame the house before you paint it :)

Having completed various educational courses pertaining to blonding, balayage, foilyage, and color melting, he really has a handle on what technique it will take to give you the look you desire. All that being said, he also really enjoys technically difficult men's faded haircuts. Need a style lesson to recreate that look at home? Jared loves empowering his guests to feel they have the ability to tackle a salon quality blowout or perfect effortless beachwaves - Just ask! He loves to take the lead in giving his guests the tools to execute these looks at home.  He keeps his fingers on the pulse of new techniques and trends through continuous education. "If you're not learning, you're not growing...", he says. When not at the salon, he can be found trail running with his husky mix, Binyah, Camping, Mountain Biking, Skiing (Nordic and Downhill) or eating whole pints of ice cream at a time. He is extremely excited to blend his love for beauty and wellness here in the mountains of Big Sky, Montana.

Sarah Matthews

Owner, Hair, Nails and Skin

I am a Seattle native that started my career 13 years ago as Esthetician. From early on I knew of a career that I loved.... I loved making people feel good about themselves.   Giving every fiber of your being to the person in front of you is humbling. I've always had a knack for the therapeutic touch.  If you haven't had a facial please go experience it or come see me, you'll be surprised with how sore your face muscles are.  Brow shaping and a solid facial would be my expertise in the esthetics world.  

in 2009 I joined the cosmetology club. I've always admired stylist as an esthetician and felt the desire to continue my education and talent as a beauty specialist.  it wasn't long after I graduated that I had a sense of wanting to run my own salon. since then I've been building up all the fundamentals to get to that goal.   Here at Hair Shop we have freedom to run with our individual styles, its a completely relaxed work environment that we love showing up to everyday.

  I Believe in people, I want to help them see how naturally beautiful they all are along with achieving the hair and style they want,  but also show them some ideas on how to make life a little easier when It comes to a beauty routine..   I think we all forget, its more about how to be YOU...  and not envy on everyone else's style or looks.

  I encourage you to come on in visit us and see for your self. just how enjoyable, relaxed and inspiring Hair Shop can be for you. 

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